Welcome to the Phunk Off blog! We have lots of topics to discuss but first I would like to introduce myself and tell you how Phunk Off came to be. My name is Kristen Owens. I am a wife, mom of 2, a Thought Leader Liaison for a company focused on therapies for rare diseases and now Co-Founder of Phunk & Co.
I never imagined that my daughter and I would start a personal hygiene business but here we are! The journey began when I needed to find a safe and effective deodorant for my then 9 year old daughter, and my now 14 year old business partner, Kennedi.  I vividly remember the day that it occurred to me that Kennedi needed to start using deodorant.  She hopped into the car one afternoon after horseback riding lessons to quickly change clothes for basketball practice. While I didn’t expect her to smell like she was fresh out of the shower,  I wasn’t prepared for the musty odor that was coming from my beautiful little girl!  It was so strong that I decided to stop by the house and have her take a quick shower.  Over the next few weeks this became our routine. Horseback riding lessons, shower, basketball practice, shower, dinner, homework and bed.  In my mind she was still too young for deodorant, but she sure needed it. 
I finally settled into the idea that my sweet baby girl, who wasn’t even in double digits, was starting puberty.  We went shopping and bought several brands of natural deodorant - I wanted to be sure that what she was going to use was safe.  We chose some because of the cute packaging and others because we loved the smell, and we made sure that none contained aluminum or parabens.
Over the course of the next few weeks Kennedi tried each of the deodorants we had purchased, but she was disappointed.  She either hated the way they felt or the way the product smelled and or they just didn't work.  She complained that she didn’t like any of our purchases and we needed to find a safe deodorant that actually worked.  In a moment of frustration I said "I’m not going to buy anymore deodorant either pick one that you already have or make your own!" I should have known what would follow because this child has always loved to concoct lotions and potions.
Over the next few months I watched as she experimented with mixing and matching ingredients. I was entertained as I watched the YouTube and Pinterest videos she would research. Eventually, I decided to step in and help and after months of R&D our first personal care brand -  Sweet Skin A Kennedi Kreation was launched.  Sweet Skin was a line of safe skincare and hygiene products for kids. Our mission was to teach kids the importance of good hygiene habits and make parents aware that kids often enter puberty much earlier than expected.
Sweet Skin was widely successful but shortly after getting going, the world shut down during the Covid pandemic. Fast forward 3 years and Kennedi is no longer a child -  she is now a teenager and more active than ever.  As we began to consider next steps for Sweet Skin it became apparent that we needed to pivot and create products that were safe and effective for the entire family.  Everyone wants safe and effective products whether they are kids, teens or adults.
In early 2023, we began working with some of the top product developers and formulators in the country to create an effective, non-toxic deodorant that the entire family could use.   Knowing that there are many, many brands available, we understood that our biggest challenge would be to stand out in such a saturated market.  We wanted to create a safe, gentle yet effective deodorant spray that could be used anywhere on the body.
Once our formulation was in place, we distributed samples to hundreds of people in order to get feedback.  People loved how well Phunk Off worked as well as the light fragrances and the fact that it did not stain clothes.  Many of our samplers were amazed that they could spray Phunk Off on in the morning and it would last through a long day at work and even through a sweaty work out.  As a deodorant spray, Phunk Off is easily and quickly applied to wherever it is needed - pits, feet, folds or privates, Phunk Off is completely safe for any external use.
We are most proud of the testimonials we receive from people who have tried everything to control body odor and finally have a product that works for them.  Phunk Off is truly a full body deodorant that has the ability to last for days and is safe for use by every member of the family.  We hope you'll love Phunk Off as much as we do!
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